Croplife Ghana

"CropLife Ghana is the association of agrochemical importers and distributors in Ghana. It is currently made up of 16 major agrochemical companies and counting. CropLife Ghana controls about 90% of the fertilizer market as well as about 75% of the crop protection product (CPP) market."

Newsletter: CropLife Africa Middle East

Newsletter: January 2017 (Number 133) [pdf: 2MB

Newsletter : February 2017(Number 134) [pdf 1MB]

Newsletter :March 2017(Number 135) [pdf 1.6MB]

Newsletter: April 2017(Number 136) [pdf 2.20MB]

Newsletter: May 2017(Number 137) [pdf 2.18 MB]

Newsletter: June 2017(Number 138)[pdf 1.94 MB]

Newsletter:July 2017(Number 139)[pdf 1.96MB]

Newsletter: August 2017(Number 140)[pdf 1.55MB]

Newsletter: September 2017(Number 141)[pdf 1.03MB]

Newsletter: October 2017(Number 142)[pdf 1.85MB]

Newsletter: November 2017(Number 143)[pdf 2.55MB]

Newsletter: December 2017(Number 144)[pdf 2.23MB]

Newsletter : January 2018(Number 145)[pdf 1.26MB]

Newsletter:February 2018(Number 146)[pdf 3.25MB]

Newsletter: March 2018(Number 147)[pdf 2.67MB]

Newsletter: April 2018(Number 148)[pdf 2.39MB]

Newsletter: May 2018(Number 149)[pdf 2.78MB]

Newsletter: June 2018(Number 150)[pdf 2.34MB]

Newsletter :July 2018(Number 151)[pdf 2.44MB]

Newsletter: August 2018(Number 152)[pdf 164MB]

Newsletter: September 2018(Number 153)[pdf 3.13MB]

Newsletter: October 2018(Number 154)[pdf 2.23MB]

Newsletter: November 2018(Number 155)[pdf 1.94MB]

Newsletter: December 2018(Number 156)[pdf 2.82MB]

Newsletter : January 2019(Number 157)[pdf 2.51MB]

Newsletter : February 2019(Number 158)[pdf 1.56MB]

Newsletter: March 2019(Number 159)[pdf 1.12MB]

Newsletter:  April 2019(Number 160)[pdf 1.31MB]

Newsletter : May 2019(Number 161)[pdf 825KB]

Newsletter: June 2019(Number 162)[pdf 1.67MB]

Newsletter : July 2019(Number 163)[pdf 2.42MB]

Newsletter :August 2019(Number 136)[pdf 1.63MB]

Newsletter: September 2019(Number 164)[pdf 2.27MB]

Newsletter : October 2019(Number 165)[pdf 2.84MB]