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"CropLife Ghana is the association of agrochemical importers and distributors in Ghana. It is currently made up of 16 major agrochemical companies and counting. CropLife Ghana controls about 90% of the fertilizer market as well as about 75% of the crop protection product (CPP) market."

Monday, 12 February 2018

Rainbow AgroSciences provides stewardship programs for farmers in Ghana

As part of the stewardship activities of CropLife Ghana, Rainbow Agrosciences Company Ltd, one of the members of CropLife Ghana, which has enormous potential in the West African and has used the last three years to build a strong base for the supply and application of its internationally acclaimed products and technology in Ghana, has been involved in stewardship activities especially for farmers and stakeholders in Ghana.

The company has forged a relationship with farmers and introduced special interventions to ensure that farmers gain the right benefits of applying the approved and quality Rainbow agrochemicals.

Rainbow made huge investments over the last three years, part of the investments went into building a robust distribution network. With four regional centres across Ghana, including warehouses, Rainbow has set up distribution depots in Brong Ahafo, Eastern/Central, Volta, the Northern Sales Territory regions, altogether with about 300 retail outlets.

In essence, the distribution is so widespread that farmers can access the company’s approved and quality products across the country, Mr Ansong explained.

The company has engaged trained agronomists and extension officers, known as Rainbow Crop Doctors, who are embedded with key distributors of the company in all their shops where farmers present their challenges for recommended solutions from the crop doctors.

The Rainbow Crop Clinic is where we have trained agricultural extension officers who are with the key distributors. When the farmers walk in, they can discuss their challenges with the crop doctors who proffer the best agronomic practices for them.

Besides the agronomists, the company also collaborates with extension officers of the Ministry of Food and Agricultural (MoFA) to organise seminars and field demonstrations for farmers in the various districts of Ghana. These are all part of efforts to enable farmers get value for money for using the products efficiently and effectively without any accidents.

As a multinational with operations in over 40 countries, Rainbow knows its obligations to the environment. The company has, therefore, joined hands with CropLife Ghana, an affiliate of CropLife Africa Middle East to promote stewardship programs and agricultural technologies such as pesticides and plant biotechnology in many countries.

Rainbow ensures that farmers receive enough sensitization to use the pesticides safely so that they are not harmed. Also, in partnership with CropLife Ghana, all empty pesticide containers are collected from the field and properly recycled. The company would soon introduce a packaging material that is capable of safely dissolving in the soil after a period of time. Products packaged in bags would also have those soluble bags nature so that they do not remain in the environment for a long period of time.

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