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"CropLife Ghana is the association of agrochemical importers and distributors in Ghana. It is currently made up of 16 major agrochemical companies and counting. CropLife Ghana controls about 90% of the fertilizer market as well as about 75% of the crop protection product (CPP) market."

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Croplife Ghana to Organise Training for CEPS Officers in Tamale

Croplife Ghana to organise training for CEPS officers in Tamale

CropLife Ghana in collaboration with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and PPRSD is organising a 7th in the series of training for CEPS officers manning the borders in the northern parts of Ghana on issues of agrochemical counterfeits across our borders.
The training would be held at the University for Development Studies (UDS) International Conference Centre, Dungu,Tamale on Friday, August 04, 2017.
Regional representatives of the Ghana Agri-input Dealers Association (GAIDA) and interested stakeholders in the Northern parts of Ghana could participate and share their experiences at the training.

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